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Are you that Person?

The energy in the air has changed. Whether I like it or not. Driving to work this morning the streets were not empty, but definitely emptier. Everyone is talking about it. The trip to the grocery store on Sunday was most disturbing. Shelves and more shelves empty. We are experiencing troubling times no doubt.

Times like this call for everyone to remain calm. To work together as a community instead of being the one person taking everything from the shelves regardless of whether it is truly necessary or not.

Times like this call for you and me to remain calm. To be a leader about it. I am a mom. I know my daughter is looking at me for my reaction to what is happening. I must remain calm in the storm. Panic is contagious. If I remain calm, cool, and collected I can not only make better decisions but those around me will too.

Can you be that person? Whether you have a family or even if you are single, you are part of the community. Someone is looking at you and how you are reacting. Can you be the calm in the storm? The stronghold?

I am not sure if this situation is that bad, or if it will turn that bad. All I know is that panic, despair, fear, etc are contagious but, so is being calm, peaceful, and centered. The air is different and people are worrying. I am remaining calm, but smart and cautious. I must. I am looking at facts, not stories.

We have gone through much worse, and made it. I am planning on continuing with my track record.

Can you be the one person to bring back reason and peace to your part of the world?

How are you handling the situation? How are you being that person?

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