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The best gift of all

It is the season of giving!

Oh my goodness, what to give? 90% of my emails are advertisements with gifts ideas. Most TV

commercials are are about the same. There is a lot of loving and merriment in the air along with a lot of stress. Does every gift mean the same thing?

What if we could give the best gift of all….


Your undivided attention and focus.

No dishes to do.

No laundry to take care of.

No emails to respond to.

No social media to look at.

How amazing would it be if for this one moment in time if we completely and absolutely focused on a person at a time. It could be our child, or spouse/partner, a sister or brother. A parent. A coworker.

Anyone that means anything to us.

If we could just listen to what they truly have to say, what are their thoughts, fears, dreams, future plans, goals.

If we could just focus on that person, with unwavering attention, I believe that - that is one of the best gifts anyone can give.

We are always so busy, constantly multitasking, always on the run. Running that old recording in our minds...What is the next thing we have to do, to get, to accomplish, to buy, to finish?

I know that for me I have to literally force myself to stop just to make sure I am doing everything I need to do, let alone completely put my attention on my daughter. Normally it is on the go. How was school? What did you do? Do you have homework? Oh great! I love you kiddo. And then, oh yeah, dinner, walk the dogs, check emails, do dishes, finish the laundry, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Are you with me?

But then, one day, it hit me. I was talking to my child and as she mentioned something about a friend, my radar made me focus on her words. She noticed as I was looking and listening to her. Before I knew it, she was telling me all of these stories about school and her friends, and how she felt about them, and what she wanted to do, and who was doing what, and on and on and on.

She opened up to me in a way that doesn’t happen often. She does talk to me often, but this was a bit different and I think the difference was that I was present with her. Fully present.

For the rest of the evening, she was happy, singing, talking to the dogs, more helpful than usual, she was enjoying herself! That made me so happy!

It was a win-win. She had the one person she looks up to all to herself, and I had the love of my life so truly joyful.

So, I believe that if we could give ourselves, to those that matter most, everything else, any other material gift is just the frosting on the cake!

What do you think?

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