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The New Normal

I keep hearing the phrase "The New Normal," and I am still not sure how to take it. Can you relate? We are have gone through seriously challenging times. For some more than others, but we all can agree that we are ready for this year to be over with. Things changed almost from one day to the next, and there was nothing we could do, except to observe life unraveling right before our eyes.

What is next? We saw how easily life can change. Many if not most of us have been sheltered-in-place for several months now, and we have evolved into an unprecedented state of hyper-vigilance and fear, and now as we are released back into the "wild" we face a new level of anxiety. The Health Recommendations by the "experts" flip-flop constantly and we have to learn and improvise on the fly.

We need to regain some control of our lives. Let's see this as an opportunity to reset not only our daily life but also our health, mental and physical. We can face this virus or the emotional turmoil of the times with a fresh perspective, based on facts.

Re frame your thinking from fear to readiness. We know Covid-19 virus attacks predominantly immune compromised individuals. What can you do to improve your health? What is within your power to change?

Do you have belly fat?

Is your blood sugar elevated?

Is your blood pressure high?

Is your sleep lacking?

Do you smoke?

There are things that could be improved with small steps at a time. Something I like to tell my clients is to view food as Medicine. Food is healing. You do not need to follow strict diets to improve your health. Start by by being mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Is it processed, or natural? Are you eating when hungry or bored?

Also, be mindful of your level of activity. Are you moving throughout the day? Do exercise snackings (not my term) during the day. 5 squats here, 5 wall push-ups there. The point is to consistently move in a way that makes your muscles work.

Breathing exercises are next on my list. Improving breathing is something we can easily practice.Alternate nostril breathing is a favorite. Check out this short video on how to do it:


You can be the leader of your change. You are in charge. The New Normal is and will be whatever you want it to be for you. Take the opportunity to make the adjustments necessary to thrive. A year from now, where will you be?

Let me know your thoughts!

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