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We Are.....

Yes, we are.

Thinking back to just a few short weeks ago, none of us would've thought that our world was about to change. And with that change, tremendous challenges have come about.

I've had plenty of time to reflect not only about what is happening, but about my personal life. This is a good time to reconsider how we are living, or better said, how I am living.

At a time when our very lives are at stake, how have I used my precious time? Have I done everything I want to do? Have I loved enough? Have I seen enough? Wow. I have been on a roll, haven't I? In the midst of all my thinking and feeling, came the notion that fear is part of the mix.

Interestingly enough I came across a podcast titled: "How to find your voice, Heal your past and change your life with IN-Q . IN-Q is a poet. One of his latest poems, titled, "Learned fear" is truly great. Here is a little excerpt from it:

“Learned fear can be overcome 

When you realize the voice inside your head 

Is not yours

It’s an imitation of the voices from before

Repeating on a loop inside your quiet core

And you can’t tell the difference

Cause it sounds the same

But trust me when I tell you

Most of what you think

Is from somebody else’s brain”

Here is the link to the podcast if you would like to listen to it.


Listening to that conversation made realized how much collective fear plays a role in how we feel as individuals. We need to separate ourselves from that.

I encourage you to continue taking care of yourself. Your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Do not let the stress and fear of the times stop you from either keeping your routine or making a new one that will empower you. Exercise, my friends. It makes a difference. It doesn't have to be strenuous work outs, but movement. Here are some ideas:






There are tons of you tube videos to guide you. Which ever you choose, go for it!

We will get through these tough times. At the end of the tunnel there are great and better things waiting for us. We can do it. YOU CAN DO IT! You know why?


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