I have been working with Dulce Werner for three months now.  My various ailments require many medications including Prednisone.  The medical doctors have given me no hope for losing weight while on steroids.  In the three months of working with Dulce I have lost 50 pounds.  I am able to move better and I can feel the changes in my body allowing me to feel good.  My sugar levels and blood pressure have returned to normal.

I am looking forward to coming off some of my medications if not all.  

This experience with Dulce has given me a new outlook on life.  I am happy and content with my life now as a 75 year old man.

I would highly recommend Dulce as a coach and friend for life.

Eugene K.


I started working with Dulce Werner in Octber 2016 until now.  This was the best year I have had because she is the most diligent, confident, and faithful.  She gives her utmost counsel, encouragement, and personal attention.  Every time we met there was something new to learn and we were always moving together towards the next step.  Her time was devoted to me and she was always on time.  I could always reach out to her on the phone with any questions or issues.

The benefits have been many.  I reached all of my health goals which were set for a 73 year old woman.  I lost weight, my immune system was strengthened , my cardio vascular system is working properly with good blood pressure readings, sugar and cholesterol levels in normal ranges, my overall health is very good.

There were also benefits I did not expect: speedy recovery from several fall and no broken bones, increased stamina and alertness, peace of mind even in stressful situations  and my eyesight improved!

I would highly recommend Dulce as someone that can be trusted to help a person be healthy and strong in every way, spirit, soul and body.

Roberta K.

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